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Hawaii Life has two offices on Maui, One in Kahului and the other in Wailea. Hawaii Life Real Estate Services offers the best real estate site in the islands. Not only will you be able to browse homes for sale on Maui, but you can search for Oahu real estate, Honolulu real estate, Kauai real estate and Big Island real estate because they connect to all MLS's in the state.

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s leader since 1975Since 1975 we have been serving clients to find their way home. As Maui's first Boutique Real Estate Agency on Maui, we are all about "relationships." The better we know you, the smoother the ride. Let's build up this relationship, get together and get you home.



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July 2019

by Jeff Stark

we're all know it alls One of the most interesting characteristics of the climate change phenomenon is the fact that we're all know it alls. We have known how to solve this global threat for a long time. We've had windmills since the pioneer days when the prairies were dotted with primitive machines which pumped water to farmers, ranchers and growing towns. Solar panels made their debut in the public psyche when they supplied electricity to the first spaceships and orbital habitats. There was something magical about photovoltaics, and adherents tended to be off-the-grid, and sometimes off-the-wall. They even, occasionally, acted like know it alls. This undoubtedly accounts for some of the reasons that solar power had a difficult time breaking through as a mainstream product.

Even though the current versions of these technologies have evolved considerably the basics are relatively unchanged. Both wind and solar devices are more efficient, and less costly, than in the past. They still operate as harvesting technologies for energy from the sun. Most experts believe that solar photovoltaics, both residential and industrial, have the capability to provide over 40% of US energy. Some locales, for example the island of Maui, are already approaching that figure. Today's sunshine harvesters are exponentially more efficient ... More logo
Mauians are serious about protecting the beauty and natural environment of our island home.
A big part of our strategy involves embracing and implementing a "Zero Waste" philosophy.
To find out how to help protect one of the planet's most special places when you visit Maui

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